1. Do you accept reservations?

Reservations are accepted Sunday through Thursday for groups of 12 to 25*.

In general, we cannot accept reservations on Friday or Saturday evenings. We are a small establishment and reserving a large table requires us to keep that table open for at least an hour before the group arrives. On a Friday or Saturday evening, it is very difficult to turn away customers when they can see a large open table!

The majority of a party must be present within 30 minutes of the reservation for the table to continue to be held. It is not fair to our other patrons to hold tables indefinitely for parties that are extremely late.

We do, however, accept reservations on Friday and Saturday evenings from our Mug Club members, for groups of 12-16 (1 community table) as long as we have ample notice (at least 1 day). Membership does have a few benefits!

*Larger groups should contact our General Manager, Nick Alfano for availability, group food & drink pricing, & other specific details.


2. Is WhichCraft Taproom a chain?

No. WhichCraft Taproom is a single entity, owned by husband and wife, Richard and Sharon Caldwell.


3. Do you brew your own beer?

No. We do not have commercial brewing equipment, nor do we have the space to house it (or a brewers licence for that matter)! We do, however, occasionally have a “house brew” produced by one of our local breweries.


4. Do you serve food?

Yes we do! Please take a moment to look at the “Food” tab to get an idea of what we offer. We also frequently run specials that are announced on our chalkboard.

124 Ashman St. Midland, MI WhichCraftTaproom@gmail.com (989) 832-3395