Thursday, August 20: Paw Paw Brewing Tap Takeover

Still relatively new to this area of the State, we are throwing a party to welcome them, and to introduce the public to their delicious beer!

South Branch Summer Ale: Citrusy summer ale with a hint of bitter orange peel and coriander. ABV 6.3%
Citra Melon: Session IPA brewed with Citra and Hüll Melon hops. ABV 4.8%
Coconut Porter: Toasted coconut adds a hint of flavor without overwhelming the porter’s chocolate characteristics. ABV 5.6%
Black River Oatmeal Stout: Full-bodied with amazing light roast and heavy chocolate goodness! ABV 5.8%
Jake’s Vanilla Bean Porter: Smooth and chocolaty with a light vanilla finish. ABV 6.3%
Paw Paw Wheat: Light and refreshing American-style wheat. ABV 5.1%
Gus Meister Amber Ale: Amber color with sweet coffee characteristics, smooth with a hint of caramel. ABV 5.1%
St. James English Mild: Smooth and delicate, biscuity & bready characteristics. ABV 5.1%
K.U.A.: American-style pale ale with a great aroma and citrus notes. ABV 6.1%
Mr. Sunday: American-style pale ale. ABV 5.0%
Raspberry Wheat: Fresh local raspberries provide a wonderful aroma and flavor. ABV 5.0%%
King James: Strong Scotch ale that is full-bodied, lightly hopped, & slightly sweet. ABV 8.2%
Free Range Sour Stout: Combining the malt character of a stout with the sour influence of wild yeast. ABV 6.0%

Save the Date:

Saturday, September 19: Oktoberfest Party
Saturday, September 26: 2nd Anniversary Party with Shorts Brewing

124 Ashman St. Midland, MI (989) 832-3395