January 29: MSU vs UM Basketball Game, featuring Ellison Brewing and Arbor Brewing

Tip-Off at 1pm. Come for the game and stay for the beer!

Arbor Beer
Euchre Pils
Buzzsaw IPA
Mr Delicious Double IPA
Mackinaw Fudge Stout
Espresso Love Stout
Figjam Quadruple
Strawberry Blonde
Jackhammer Old Ale
Wild Wolf B-Aged Sour
Mafka B-Aged Sour

Ellison Beer
Kaylan’s Kolsch
Crescent Fresh IPA
Relativity Double iPA
Spartan Stout
Tiramisu Stout
Callahan’s Belgian Quad
Classic Sweet Cider
Dawn Street Pale
Gnome’s Amber
Itty Bitty Brown

Save The Date: Events Coming Soon!

February 14: Beer & Chocolate Tasting
February 27-March 4: Barrel Week

124 Ashman St. Midland, MI (989) 832-3395