Michigan-Made Artisan Spirits

We only serve top-shelf spirits crafted and distilled right here in Michigan. A quickly growing industry nationwide, Michigan now ranks sixth in craft distillery numbers, with more than two dozen producers. We invite you to taste what the fuss is all about!

Bourbon & Whiskey

Grand Traverse Small Batch Bourbon: Handcrafted & barrel-aged for 3 years. Smokey on the palate with notes of tobacco, vanilla, and oak, with a long, clean finish. 92 Proof / $9
Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon: Handmade, organic bourbon made with locally-grown organic corn, wheat, rye, & barley. Classic vanilla aroma & sweetness with hints of malt, spice, & tobacco. 90 Proof / $9
Journeyman Last Feather Rye: Organic rye whiskey made from a blend of Midwestern rye and wheat with just a touch of barley added to round out the flavor. 90 proof / $9
New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon: Aged first in oak barrels for several years, before a 3 month slumber in Dragon’s Milk beer barrels. Biscuit notes & smooth malt character combine with whiskey tones of toffee & caramel. 80 Proof / $6
New Holland Hatter Royale Hopped Whiskey: Twice distilled, then steeped with Centennial hops. Its grain-centric body is framed by a citrus-laden hop character in both the nose & finish. 80 Proof / $6
New Holland Zeppelin Blend: Straight-malt whiskey, twice distilled & aged 3+ years in new American oak with a heavy char. Notes of vanilla & clove arise leading to a classic American-oak finish. 90 Proof / $9
Traverse City Whiskey Co. Straight Bourbon XXX Whiskey: An incredibly smooth, vanilla-rich Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged 4 years in matured new American oak barrels. 86 Proof / $6
Traverse City Whiskey Co. American Cherry Edition Whiskey: Building off of their Straight Bourbon, locally-grown cherries are added to this delicious bourbon for a lovely aroma and subtle cherry flavor. 70 proof / $6
Valentine Mayor Pingree Bourbon: Triple-pot distilled and aged for 4 years. Caramel, brown sugar, molasses, & maple syrup notes complement rye, cinnamon, & woody spices. 90 proof / $9

Vodka, Gin, & Rum

Valentine Vodka: Distilled in copper pots, it has mild aromas of banana-coconut pudding & pastry aromas with a silky medium to full body & a creamy, peppery spice & talc finish. Derived from a blend of corn, wheat, & barley. 80 proof / $6
Journeyman Bilberry Black Hearts Gin: 100% organic, made with juniper, bilberries & seven other botanicals. Clean, bright, and fruity with subtle hints of black licorice. 90 Proof. $6.5
Two James Old Cockney Gin: Handcrafted using soft winter wheat & rye. Drawing on London-style gins, it is distilled with heavy juniper & accompanied by select botanicals. Dry, smooth, with a unique harmonious balance of flavors. 82 proof / $6.5
New Holland Freshwater Michigan Rum: Barrel aging in oak presents a caramel color and deep body. A rich, smooth marriage of molasses and oak. 80 Proof / $5.5

Liqueur & Fruit

Civilized Sakura: Vodka created through the distillation of cherries. Natural cherry flavor renders it delightfully smooth, with a cherry nose and distinct sweetness. 80 proof / $5.5
Coppercraft Applejack: Fresh, bright Michigan apples welcome your nose and palate, followed by sweet vanilla and butterscotch as it moves across your tongue; finishing with a hint of tart apple and spice. 80 proof / $6.5
New Holland Blue Haven Gin: Juniper/citrus-forward gin steeped on blueberries for delicate flavor & slight sweetness. 80 Proof / $6
New Holland Clockwork Orange: Spiced orange liqueur made with oranges, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander, and cardamom. Bright flavors contribute to cocktails with deliciously restrained sweetness. 80 Proof / $5
Valentine White Blossom Vodka: Award-winning vodka infused with elderflower and grapefruit.  80 proof / $5

Liquor Flights

Bourbon Flight: ½ oz each: Grand Traverse Small Batch Bourbon, Featherbone Bourbon, Mayor Pingree, & Beer Barrel Bourbon. $11
Mixed Whiskey Flight: ½ oz each: Beer Barrel Bourbon, Zeppelin Blend, Straight Bourbon XXX, & Last Feather Rye. $9.5
Royal Tour: ½ oz each: Valentine Vodka, Old Cockney Gin, Freshwater MI Rum, & Straight Bourbon XXX. $7.5
Fruit Flavors Flight: ½ oz each: Sakura Cherry Vodka, Clockwork Orange, Blue Haven Gin, & Applejack. $8

WhichCraft Signature Cocktails

Classic Cocktails

Basic Bill: This classic cocktail features aged Michigan Amber Rum, Clockwork Orange liqueur, and sweet vermouth with a dash of biters & an orange twist. $7
Bourbon Derby: Classic cocktail crafted with XXX Bourbon, Clockwork Orange Liqueur, vermouth, lime juice, & a lime garnish. $7
Jack Rose: This classic cocktail, which rose to fame during prohibition, features applejack brandy, grenadine, and lime juice, and is garnished with a lime twist. $8
Old Fashioned: Developed in the 19th century, this simple cocktail combines XXX Bourbon, sugar, & bitters, garnished with a cherry. $8

Reimagined Classics

Beery Manhattan: Our beer-infused version of a classic! Beer Barrel Bourbon & sweet vermouth with a rich stout, topped with a dash of bitters, & a cherry garnish! $8.5
Hoparita: Similar to a margarita, this combines Hatter Royale hopped whiskey with Clockwork Orange liqueur, lime juice, & simple syrup, and garnished with a lime. $7.5
WhichCraft Sour: Beer Barrel Bourbon is mixed with a light ale or lager, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and garnished with lemon twist. $7

Fruit Flavors

Black Cherry Love: Like a grown-up chocolate-covered cherry! Civilized Sakura Cherry Vodka is combined with cherry juice, rich stout & bitters, with a cherry garnish. $7
Blueberry Martini: Blue Haven gin mixed with clockwork orange liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a dash of grenadine. $8.5
Cherry Midlander: Hard cider, Sakura Cherry Vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, bitters, and garnished with a cherry. $8.5
Madras: This crowd favorite made with cranberry juice, orange juice, & White Blossom Vodka beautifully highlights the grapefruit/elderflower qualities of the vodka. $7

Spice is Nice

Jack’s Cider: Bringing hard cider to another level! Delicious semi-sweet cider mixed with Applejack brandy and a generous dash of cinnamon. $7
King’s Cider: Fit for royalty, we combine bourbon with cider, simple syrup, lemon juice, and a dash of cinnamon. $7.5
The Work Horse: Calling all Ginger lovers! Vodka combined with ginger simple syrup, lime juice, a light ale or lager, & garnished with an orange twist. $7.5

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